I am now making pet headstones using a
unique design from a stone carving I
made earlier in the year. The carving is
based on a Roman altar design.

My headstones are cast in concrete, so
are suitable for outside. They come
in three colours: grey, cream and pinky-grey.

Headstone size: 30cm high x 15cm wide

The lettering is carved by hand.
Gold leaf is an option (please ask)
Click here to see an example
of a gilded headstone.

Price: £20.00 plus £2.00 per letter.
P&P: £15.00

Maximum number of letters per face: 20 approx.

For more headstone examples, click here.

Please note: due to the nature of the material
and the fact that they are completely hand-made,
imperfections can occur.



Pet headstone, preliminary
stage. Text pencilled in and ready
for cutting.

The lettering is cut